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Joplin City Clerk Duties
O F F I C E  O F  T H E   C I T Y   C L E R K


Council Meetings:

Develop and prepare Agendas for informal and regular meetings in cooperation with Council, Staff, and Public; gather and distribute accurate background data for items in Council Books.

Work with Public re requests to speak as well as inform concerning various aspects of Agenda items.

     Distribute and email, fax and mail copies of Agenda to standing request list.

Set up Council Chambers - recording and voting systems, audio, video and MSSC TV, PA system, name plates, etc.

     Index, for retrieval purposes, all actions from regular and informal meetings.

     Greet and assist persons attending meetings.

Zoning and Planning Issues:

Assist residents with petitions of protest - advise and inform re procedures.  Notarize petitions upon request.

Board and Commissions:

Maintain accurate and up-to-date membership records for Boards and Commissions.

     Advise Council of pending changes, resignations, etc.

Handle correspondence for Council to Board Members re appointments, expirations, plaques of appreciation, etc.


Affix City Seal to all Council approved legislation.

Execute all approved legislation, as well as accompanying contracts, agreements, etc.

     Distribute copies to appropriate agencies, department heads.

Ordinances/Resolutions:  (cont.)

Copy each ordinance/Resolution in its entirety in official bound record books (in accordance with State Law).

Maintain indexes of all adopted legislation for retrieval purposes, and appropriately label for filing.

     Provide certified copies of official records upon request.

Order fire hydrants/street lights from Missouri American Water Company and Empire District Electric Company when approved by Council.

Joplin City Code:

Provide Municipal Code Corporation with all appropriate adopted material for inclusion in supplements to Code and for update to Joplin City Code online service.

Update office Code Books and distribute semi-annual supplements to in-house and public subscribers (80); bill outside agencies.


     Handle petition process for Council, initiative and referendum elections;
     Check signatures against registration books as required.
     Receive official election returns from Jasper and Newton County Clerks.

     Conduct Police and Firemen's Pension Fund Elections.

Miscellaneous Records:

     Record and file Right of Ways, Deeds, Easements, Contracts, Agreements, etc.

     Maintain monthly burial records for four city-owned cemeteries.

     Respond to written and personal requests for information.

Legal Advertisements:

     Reconcile monthly Globe legal advertisements against affidavits of publication.

Prepare for Newton and Jasper Counties all necessary legal documents for recording.


     Administer Oath of Office as needed.     

Maintain timely bulletin board for official notice of all city meetings.

     Handle correspondence, special projects for City Council Members.

     Type letters/notes for Council as needed.

Coordinate record retention among city offices, in accordance with provisions of Secretary of State's Office.

     Sign city checks as needed.

     Respond to public inquires re Council and city operations.

Perform necessary clerical duties relating to Thomas Hart Benton Permanent Exhibit; assist in scheduling tours.

Responsible for scheduling and conducting 3rd Grade School Tours - Mock City Council Meeting.  These tours are part of the Joplin R-VIII Third Grade Curriculum.

Coordinate microfilming of all permanent records (Ordinances, Resolutions, Council Minutes, Deeds, Contracts, etc.).

     Research Children's Home Records upon request.

     Maintain lobby and hall directories.

     Complete and certify final plats for Recorder's Office.

Coordinate room reservations for meetings held by Staff and Public in Council Chambers.

     Notarize documents for City and Public.

General:   (cont.)

     Prepare two budgets for Department of City Clerk.

Participate in Southwest Missouri Division, State, Regional and International Municipal Clerk's organizations.

     Work with Attorneys, Courts to provide certified information of record.

     Direct Municipal Building visitors to appropriate offices.

     Prepare certain proclamations upon request.

Barb Hogelin